Generating leads with Linkedin – What you need to know

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Connect, share ideas and discover opportunity – this is the text one can read on registration page of Linkedin, the networking platform. Linkedin lives to its registration page headline by providing tools and platform to connect people who are sharing their ideas and are discovering new professional opportunities.

Why Linkedin

Linkedin provides opportunity to professionals to expand their network. People join Linkedin to get an insight into professional lives of their colleagues, to get industry information, to be part of different industry groups, to follow current and previous organizations, to search for jobs in and out of their industry etc. This keeps businessman and employees updated about the happenings in the industry and the market.

B2B Lead Generation

Most of us perceive Linkedin as a powerful networking platform.  Today Linkedin has 200 million subscribers . With such a large network of professionals, this social networking site provides great opportunity to showcase and promote products and services, creating followings, strengthening brand value.

Today Linkedin is the best social networking platform to generate leads because of the fact that visitor to lead conversion rate is 2.74% which is higher than Facebook and Twitter. With such a high conversion rate and high traffic, Linkedin provides prime opportunity to generate leads and convert them into actual sale.

Lead Generation Techniques

With such tempting information about Linkedin, no wonders that we all are eager to know the techniques through which leads can be generated through its various available tools. Let’s list some of the methods through which this can be achieved.

Share Updates

The simplest of all is to share updates on the Home page. A well strategized post on the home page provides opportunity to promote or share information to large number of visitors. This post may contain text and graphics. Contact details can be added in the post for direct interaction with the prospective customers.

Personal Lead Generation

The soft target for lead generation are the personal contacts in your contact list. Add as many contacts in list as you can. Grow your network to the maximum. Since these contacts are either direct contacts or references, it is easy to communicate with them. Design a personalize message for these contacts and send them directly. A feedback can also be obtained after shooting of message.

Setup Company Page

Linkedin provides an option to setup a page of your organization. Page may contain business information, testimonials, graphics and videos, company URL etc. Having this page does not guarantee lead generation but is an opportunity to be present on Linkedin and create followings of this page. This page enables to create followings and thus reaching large number of prospective customers.

Send Messages through InMail

InMail is the paid feature of Linkedin. Design your message, add your URL in the message and send it to the target customers. InMail is worth its pricing, it provides targeted sales pitch and target exclusive audience on Linkedin.

Use Customized Banners

Company setup page has feature which enables the user to add banner to its product and services section. Upto 3 banners can be added in this section. Not all companies use this feature because of lack of knowledge. These banners can contain URL of your company. When a visitor visits these banners, he can be directed to the company website thus increasing traffic on website and thus increasing chance of lead generation.

Optimize Personal Profile

Optimizing personal profile in such a way that it gives clear idea about your skills, industry, qualification etc. to get the target audiences contact you.

Join Groups

Join groups not only in your industry but outside your industry. This will help you to expand your base. Start participating in discussion forums. Don’t start selling your products in the forum but give your opinions and advice on relevant subjects.

Use Advertise Feature

This feature enables you to reach to the ideal customers. Raise brand awareness, build relationships, and drive quality leads with Sponsored Updates. Reach to professional audience, set your own budget and do B2B marketing through this tool.

The mantra of generating leads is to stay focus. Since Linkedin provides various tools, free and paid, for lead generation, it is easy for the marketer to get confused with large number of options therefore it is important for marketer to stay focus while doing promotion.  Above given options are not exhaustive, exploring Linkedin may give more ideas and features for lead generation.


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