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With growing categorization and sub categorization of businesses and functions, recruitment jobs become more difficult. HR managers and headhunters find this to be a challenging task especially because more than one third of job seekers do not post their resume on job sites. To counter the challenges and reach candidates with relevant work experience, LinkedIn offers solutions for job seekers. HR recruiters are already on LinkedIn, so why shouldn’t job seekers be. Below are 5 easy ways that job seekers should follow to make best use of this platform for their next career move.

Profile completion

This shall include a brief summary of your job description, title of your job, industry, key responsibilities and all other information mentioned in the profile including your picture. Incomplete profiles do not get found on LinkedIn. Spend quality time on this and look at it as your resume, that needs to be eye catchy and easy to follow. This should be “All star”, can be checked by going to edit profile from profile menu and by looking on the round circle on right side of the screen.

Follow companies

whether you are an active or a passive job seeker, you must follow companies that you look at as your dream organizations. You will get to see posts on your home screen as feeds from these companies, which will help you keep yourself updated with trends and recent news about that company. There is no limit on the number of companies you can follow.

Participate in groups

Basis your experience and domain knowledge, be part of groups on LinkedIn. There is no limit on the number of groups you can participate in. To increase visibility on the network it is advised  for job seekers that they should participate in discussion and add value in subjects of their specialization. Prospective candidates with higher level of activity on LinkedIn groups stand greater chance to gain attention of recruiter.


An average LinkedIn user has about 200 to 250 connections, if you have less then work towards increasing that by inviting your contacts for accepting your request to join you on this network. You can do it both ways – send invite for people who are not on LinkedIn and send connect request to people who are on LinkedIn but not connected to you. Process for adding people from your e mail id is…

Menu <>  Add connection – you will see your primary e mail on the search box, clicking on continue button will ask for entering the password, following the process will take you to invite your contacts to join you on LinkedIn.  You can also click on tabs of outlook, yahoo or gmail or any other mail below the menu bar and follow the same procedure.


Recruiters tend to look at recommendations before sending an inmail to contact a candidate for a job position. Recommendations work as vote of appreciation for your work. It is a good to have 6-10 recommendations, more is not good in this case. Process to ask for recommendation is….

Profile <>  Edit profile – Go down and you will see recommendations, through this link you can give recommendation and ask to be recommended from your present and past supervisors, clients or customers.

With these reasons LinkedIn becomes an invaluable tool for job search, every second 2 new people are creating their profile on LinkedIn and gaining advantage of this professional network. Job seekers must get down to details and practice and follow the above steps, it will help them reap the fruits through right career connects.

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