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What is LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals, its free for basic membership and paid for premium accounts which have higher privileges.  As of Feb 2014 there are more than 259 million LinkedIn members in 200 countries and 24 million members are in India. These members visit LinkedIn to build their professional network with people they know and also with people they do not know. This network has the capacity to relate to members on their connections, this is kind of layer based. One can know whether the person in one is trying to link to is my direct contact which is 1st degree connection or is there in my contact’s network which is 2nd degree connection and then beyond that is 3rd degree connection.

There are more than 3 million company pages on LinkedIn, which makes it unmatched to any other professional network; these companies are there with a purpose of business benefit. Results that one will get by using this platform depend upon how much you prefer to use it for business advantage and the kind of engagement that follows. Given below are 5 good reasons for a business to have a company page on LinkedIn.

B2B or B2C  Networking wins

Companies realize that power of business lies in networking. Whether one wants to network with his customers in a B2C business like Kellogg’s or in a B2B business like “Adobe”, power of LinkedIn comes handy. While there are many platforms that offer social networking for individuals or companies but the power of LinkedIn lies in the professional networking it offers. A company page allows you to have followers; these can be employees, clients, customers or people with general interest in following your organization.

Thumb rule is that more the followers better it is for the organization. You may have to start with employees as your immediate followers and then attempt to increase the count by promoting your company profile on other platforms like advertising, e mails, other social media, or though a LinkedIn connect and share button on your web site.

Brand awareness

Individual and company profiles are optimized on LinkedIn, for example – if you search “Adobe” on Google search you will see LinkedIn profile of the company on first page of result page. So someone with interest in adobe gets opportunity to visit LinkedIn profile of the company and follow it with intention to stay updated on new products or services. At the time of writing this post in Feb 2014 Adobe has 2.5 lac followers. This gives an opportunity to the brand to update its followers about new products or services or general information about industry.


There are whole lot of professionals who ask for recommendations from their supervisors or clients, which increases their professional worth. It’s like a vote of appreciation. Think of these recommendations for your products from current users. A prospective customer visiting your LinkedIn company page may get more impressed by a recommendation from another customer rather than only your page boasting of good products  and high service standards. Power of social media recommendation is remarkable which is the heart of becoming preferred choice of customers.

Job opportunities

Administrator of your company LinkedIn page can post job vacancies and can feed it with description of role and responsibilities. It is observed that more than 50% of candidates visit the LinkedIn page of company to understand the latest product offering and read about it before going in for job interview. A potential job seeker can also check his connections with employees of company, to know whether he has someone as his 1st degree or direct connection.

This immensely becomes important because about 40 percent of LinkedIn users login to the network daily and build professional contacts, there is no better way then providing them with job opportunities and that too on the company page. HR recruiters can use functions like inmail, premium Badge, openlink to contact the prospective candidates directly.

Engage -  You can use status update on the over view menu of home page to engage with your followers. Text with images or video’s can be posted, which will show on the home page of your followers, they can further like it, comment on it, through this it will show up on the home screen of people in the network and this way it helps in sharing of the post. It is important to have posts that are relevant for your followers and engaging. Sharing of graphs or some statistics may not be a good idea, while some though provoking question on industry or a creative presentation style is more helpful.

Individual and company profiles are optimized for Google search. For example – if you type “Mashable” on search bar, you will see LinkedIn company page ranking on result page. Visitors are in any way visiting your company page, so it becomes important to have a engaging page. For the reasons mentioned above, it is important to consider linkedin business page creation, engagement on the page and giving enough reason to your followers to look up to your updates becomes a activity that demands attention.

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