Suggestion is that don’t delete the product page, leave it as it is, you have built some authority for the page, deleting that would go, also it is not advisable to replace the product with some other product or doing a redirect may cause to poor user experience.  Showing alternates in form of other colours of same brand or alternate brands or different sizes of same product to the user will help search engines understand your site structure better and understand related products as well.

For a better user experience, do mention expected date by when that product is expected, it’s a great idea to give them an option to leave a query, for store to get back as soon as the product arrives.

To start with always optimize your theme and have the new products present on the home page,  (help crawlers to index it),  good web site architecture , with right internal links to reach the new product page from both category level and products.

How to optimize for products which are generic, with little content ?

This is a challenge which many e commerce web sites face – focus on optimizing the parent product category, work on breadcrumbs to improve linkages and user experience. This should further be enhanced with user generated content like reviews and recommendations from social media.

This is tricky and if not handled well, can lead to lot of web pages left with no indexing or poor ranking or cannibalization – meaning someone searching for blue jeans may end up seeing results of black jeans. Adam Audette has mentioned it in great detail with examples in this report ( report hyperlink to take the user to  the url -

Most of the content on descriptions is going to be duplicate, users do not make their buying decision basis descriptions, solution lies in personalizing the images , adding videos, having stories on product – that people can read and of course product reviews on social media can be of help.

Its not only important for the search engines but also important for the users that your e commerce site should have clear architecture and design, while internal link building is important but site architecture plays an important role. Emphasize on breadcrumbs every page and category page, this will help the crawler navigate to one level up to main category page. Also offer clear category wise navigation which will help users to be clear on relevant products under each category and sub category.

This should be used to support conversions, use for social media mark up, which will help in getting rich snippets on to your SERP’s which will help in better Click through’s. Also integrate social media on product pages which will give proof of customer happiness with product. This will give fresh content to the crawlers each time a review is posted by the user.

User experience and seo effectiveness actually go hand in hand, if a user is looking at blue jeans of one brand and gets to see blue jeans of other brands on the display panel then perhaps there is high chance of engaging that customer.  Also do not clutter the page with too many alternatives that may  do more harm to the user experience then good.

Most SEO’s do not work on this may be because they feel that few people rely on this, reality is that some one after having landed on some part of your web site may not be willing to spend time searching for navigation and may quickly want to make product search. This should take the user to the relevant results like we expect from Google. Test the same through misspelt words or words with wrong spelling, make changes in meta data where ever required. A tool – like crazy egg can be of use to find out the user behaviour on your web page, make efforts ( through analytics tool) to find out which are the popular product categories that people are searching for through your internal search.

Mention the canonical URL on the HTTP page header for the product page for the item that is on sale.  This indicates Google that it is a duplicate web page and crawler should index the original web page and not this one with the product sale. ( hyper link to lead to )

Many users prefer to browse through the desktop version on mobile devices, offer them desktop version of all URL’s, do not ignore this as you many loose such customers for ever to your competitors. This is all the more important because of rising mobile users for internet and e commerce buying.


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