About Ambitio

In the era of globalization, what most businesses need is the global reach. One economical way is having a global web presence. But, did you ever realize, in spite of the presence of a website, some of the companies are hardly recognized for their services? The answer is poor search indexing of their website. Whenever, someone uses a search engine to look for a service or a product, the websites with efficient keyword indexing are sorted first. This is a continuous process. One need to regularly optimize the indexing of their websites, so as to be available within early sort list of the search engine. The process is popularly known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Online media has plethora of solutions for every business with significant return on investment. There are already a good number of companies across the globe that is into digital marketing. One common thing which lacks in this space is whom to trust.

Ambitio is a Delhi-headquartered SEO firm, specializing in the area of search engine optimizations (SEOs) & Social media. Founded in 2014, we provide cost-effective services which enable our clients to perform better by enhancing their web presence.

Mission & Vision

Ambitio has a belief that there are no shortcuts to success. We believe in strong and long –term relationships. There are no rules to the game, one must play fair and operate with a win-win approach, which is precisely vision and mission of the company.

Management Team

Harish Bali, Founder Ambitio

Harish Bali is the founder of Ambitio and has an industry experience of more than 15 years. Having worked across Consumer Durables, FMCG, Telecom & digital marketing, during his last stint in digital marketing company in India he decided to pursue his ambition to run a digital marketing company and as the vision suggested the name was chosen as Ambitio, which means ambition

At Ambitio, Harish is responsible for long–term strategic planning, business development and investor relations.

Harish is based out of New Delhi, India.

Why Ambito?


We are an Indian company, which provides effective results with reasonable pricing for our services.


We provide all types of support on phone, e mail, skype.


We accept challenges when it comes to performance that can last in this ever changing internet space.


We do not believe in quick fix approach, do not undertake approaches that show quick results but cannot last for long.


We do not over commit on timelines and delivery, prefer to be straight in approach.


We love the challenge of getting results every single month and understand the importance of ROI.

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