What are the Factors that impact page rank ?

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Before we talk about the factors of page rank, it is important to know  about the history of page rank and why was it created. Earlier Google would take key word density as one big factor out of many factors to give search engine rankings and many people used this thing to artificially stuff the web page with key words or phrases repeating again and again to pull the SERP. Looking at the need to have a solution which is unbiased Larry Page and Sergey Brin created this concept which is today called as page rank, this is one of the factors which is important for search engine results., page rank measures the importance of web page.

Page and brin’s theory is that on a web site most important pages are the ones that have the maximum number of links leading to them, page rank measures this as votes cast by one page to another page.  This makes sense also as pages with more votes or links are bound to have better content then the page with less links. Pages with higher page rank have more authority in voting for a site or a web page as compared to a page with lower page rank.

How important is page rank ?

Page rank is one of the important factors that determine  SERP (search engine results pages), as it determines the quality of a web page, there is no official weightage assigned to it by google in SEO results but it is one of the important factors. Assuming that all other things are equal then a web page with a high page rank will  be pushed to higher level by the crawlers.

Articles to be written on….

Title meta tag…..

Description meta tag

Key words meta tag

Robots meta tag

Other meta tags.

Write a detailed article on anchor text…

Write up on Benefits of Directory submission….

Write article on social book marking benefits for SEO…

Write article on benefits of backlinks in seo.

Write article on benefits of social sharing in seo.

Write article on benefits of more indexed pages in seo through blogging.

Write an article on benefits of social media optimization in SEO….

Features of E commerce web site…

Majority of the e commerce platforms claim to be seo friendly but actually that’s not so really, biggest reason is that there is no standard checklist to compare, basis experience and business objectives web developers suggest the most suitable platform. It is in the interest of business owner to deep dive on platform selection and features offered by various hosting service providers, for obvious reasons linked to capability of the platform or service provider. There are many other features as given below that are advised as a check list….

URL structure – To be SEO Friendly






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