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In the new age of digital marketing – content on a web site needs to be key word targeted with an eye on density, this has to be done professionally so that user enjoys reading it as much as search engines love to index it and rank it high. There is a lot said by almost every one who has some business on digital marketing on this subject that it needs to be original, exclusive to the business and relevant..

A training session or a video on seo tips cannot be complete without mention of the fact that “Content is king”. I have personally seen good number of corporates with great web site with good UI/UX but still loose on search results because they completely ignore the power of a great content.  Many a times the job of a content writing is given to some one who can do a good work and most of us fail to realize that the enemy of great is good. Since we get satisfied with good content we do not take that extra thinking effort to make it a great content. Since content is king, any effort on SEO (search engine optimization) should aim for great content.

With this thought and need, Ambitio introduced content writing services which is unique in nature with a clear balance of key word density, easy language on products and services that the business offers and all this is possible in the form of content writing service after thorough understanding of the business of the client.

There is enough that has been said by SEO champs on content quality, it can act as game changer in search engine rankings, Google and almost all the search engines trust original content & fresh content and kind of gives higher marks in results. There are business owners, running mid sized businesses  who have  realized the mistake they did in copying the content and the opportunity loss.

Following tips  can be of use in understanding the importance of content in seo….

Original&fresh –  This is a abused term for many, who will write content which is good but as mentioned above enemy of great is good and if you need great results on your seo effort, then content has to be great, so what is the difference between good and great, answer lies in relevance, this means it needs to be easy language and fully relevant for the business.

 Many a times content writers start writing the content or doing content marketing with shallow understanding of business of client, so how can the results be great unless the content writer puts himself into the shoes of business owner and thinks relevance. Google and other search engines look for fresh content through their spiders, this does not mean that you need to change the content often but its like your P&L if pulled on regular basis brings delight and sense of confidence among investors. So regular updates on business progress in the form of content additions is a great idea.

All types & all forms – Whether you tweet for your business or write posts on facebook wall for your fans to read your offerings, it is important to use high quality content. One should never loose sight of the truth that all seo results revolve around some kind of content.

Linkable -  A good content must always be linkable, if it is not search engine crawler’s do not rank it, if a content is visible and can be shared only after login, then one loses the opportunity to use that for search engine rankings, how so ever a good or bad a content may be but if it is not linkable it carries no meaning from seo perspective.

Reason for users to read – Is your content making the users spend little more than few seconds on your web page, perhaps is it more than a simple brochure of activities that you do, these are few deep diving questions that one needs to ask when finalizing the content for the web page.

Key word research -  A good key word research must support content to be written, there are tools that help understand the key words that your customers are using to read your content and buy your products or services, so its of immense importance to use those high searched key words when ever a content marketing effort is being made.

It is observed that clients who need seo service normally take our content writing service as well and for those looking at only content writing service, we shall be glad to assit with an proposal. Please feel free to speak to us, write to us at or simply contact us with basic details..

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