Organic SEO

-  Business does not need to pay every time there is a click, we try to make sure that our client is on the first page of Google, these services are generally taken by organizations who do not have e commerce as their way of business. You may have a web site with less than 150 or 200 pages to be going for this approach as it is observed that non e commerce web sites generally do not have more than 200 pages.

What is  SEO (search engine optimization) ?

If a user enters a query on a search engine to find out about something lets say – travel agents in South Delhi , results that appear on the result page are likely to contain the closest match web sites which are relevant to the user query. Perhaps this is what a search engine is supposed to be delivering to the user. Google, yahoo ,bing and other search engine’s put enormous effort in algorithms to make sure that results are as accurate as possible to the query of the user, which will bring them loyalty. With improvement in quality of results by search engine, it is observed that most users do not go beyond first  page and at the most they check for results on  second  page if they are not satisfied with results of first page.

How does seowork ?

Basis a large number of factors , which are primarily divided between on page optimization and offpage optimization, search engine produces results which are supposed to be most relevant to the query…

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