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We specialize in managing social media channels like Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Facebook, Myspace, Instagram and many more. Our team designs professional pages on each channel and write posts on behalf of client and also answers back to queries of users. It has become so much a part of life that business needs to be present on social media to create an impact.

Think of a shopping mall, that has opened in your neighbourhood, first thing that the management would want is build traffic, which means hoardings, neon signs, pamphlet distribution and a host of activities. Once that is done and some of the customers start coming in, mall management will get into engaging the customers through various activities like lucky draw or top shoppers of the day contest.

This is precisely what we do in the social media space, we offer the complete management on social media which includes…. Facebook, twitter, Google +, linkedin,  Pinterest, Fickr ,  our services include everything from professional page management to building followers for the brand and service and engagement activities for the followers. Any activity on a social media does not lead to direct sales or revenue, while these activities lead to factors that help make the decision. It will be wise to call these factors as hygiene for the  brand or service.

It is important to understand the relevance and business importance of each social media….

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Business benefits of Facebook…. (Use bullets instead of points below)

All the subpoints below will have linkages to blogs within the web site …. Plan in such a way

  • Target grouping is possible basis – demographics, age and gender.
  • It is the 2nd most popular web site in the world.
  • Continuous fan engagement through posts is possible and is part of our services.
  • It is treated as number one photo sharing site.
  • High customer engagement with good fan base is a matter of pride and helps build trust.
  • Users of services refer to facebook page of the business to look for reviews and updates on new services.
  • In earlier days, loyal customers would subscribe to the newsletter of business to keep updated on latest offerings, these days – they follow posts and keep them selves updated.
  • Helps to provide quality back links to web site and vice versa.

Twitter for business – (Use bullets instead of points below)

  • Helps provide qualityback links, as twitter has a high page rank.( hyper link to blog)
  • Engagement wilth followers through tweets and re tweets.
  • Possibility of short tweets with photographs on web and on mobile as attachment.
  • Tweets about special offers can lead to generation of lead.
  • Its real time conversation about the brand, it’s a tool to hear to the customers voice and respond.
  • Helps showcase brand personality through relevant tweets.

Google plus  for business (Use bullets instead of points below)

  • It plays a role of game changer SEO ( search engine optimization), as the indexing of content is instant for search results of google.
  • Since Google is able to access complete data of users and likes on Google plus, so it is able to favour higher ranking on SERP because of high credibility.
  • Helps achieve higher page rank by posting fresh content regularly.
  • Integration with Google maps help the user find important information on contact number, location and landmark.
  • Focus on users basis the interest, that is how they are present in circles, which helps the business in communicating with a group of people with similar interests.

Business benefits of linkedin…(Use bullets instead of points below)

  • Established as a professional networking site – used by medium and top management of any organization.
  • Industry wise segmentation for Target group.
  • Recommendations coming from past employees or current and past clients, mean a lot for prospect customers to trust the brand
  • Possibility of creating upto 50 linked in groups.
  • Provides high quality back link due to its high page rank.
  • Add video of your organization to the profile to make it come live.
  • Updates on articles, new launches , offers etc can be posted on the home page of a company which will show up on the home screen of the followers of that particular page.

Business benefits of pinterest…(Use bullets instead of points below)

  • Your business can have a Pinterest verified business page like twitter, helps build trust among propective customers.
  • Helps in getting high quality back links, which are good  for the seo.
  • Different pin boards can be created basis the product type or basis different user  interest and themes or pictures are put on boards basis the same.
  • Pinterest’s business pages allow companies to hold contest.
  • Like it pin it – helps millions of users on internet to discover your products easily.
  • Fastest growing social media, also called as social bookmarking site.
  • With higher fan base – your photos have the possibility of going viral.

Business benefits of flickr.. (Use bullets instead of points below)

  • Flickr is a place to connect your brand with the customer through photo sharing.
  • Get a pro account to get authority for the members of the community.
  • Collection home pages of photo gallery can be used for sharing with customers.
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